Power Plants Projects

  • Solar power plant
  • Thermal or Hydraulic Power Plant

Industrial Projects

As a part of expansion and realization of skills and their effectiveness in other areas, The MIIPL has undertaken Energy and Environmental projects like

  • Ceramics
  • Ginning
  • Spinning
  • & All types of industrial projects

This encompasses New Setting up, Servicing and Safeguarding, as well as up-gradation of Boiler Plants and Power Stations for Plant manufacturers and Owners.

Residential Buildings & Bungalows

The MIIPL has been developing and delivering residential structures that are beyond imagination yet with contemporary styles and technologies.

Institution & School Buildings

Education is one of the keys for all around development of any civilization and society at large. Having that understanding in mind and heart, The MIIPL has extended skillful hands in building a good number of latest School and College building structures in the course of its journey. It has also renovated and upgraded School/College buildings as per necessity. The MIIPL articulates its commitment to assure security, eco-friendliness for construction and structuring. It ensures to create such an inspirational environment that is study oriented and shaping personality of student and staff as well.


Responsibility and as part of the same belief, The Group has contributed in the construction and shaping of Hospital Building, extending its proficiency and competence.

So far, The MIIPL has erected many hospital buildings, renovated and upgraded the construction and structure of hospital facilities. This way The MIIPL has always been and will remain committed to extending its hands to keep social responsibility and promises towards society.

Heritage Building, Temples & Mosque

Conservation of our heritage buildings, monuments is our social responsibility towards the nation. Considering this in mind, The MIIPL has undertaken responsibility of restoration of many heritage buildings, historical monuments and structures at various places of Gujarat.
The MIIPL cherishes the philosophy of having equal reverence and devotion for all religions. Following the same philosophy, the Group has undertaken the construction of several Temples and Mosques at various places of Gujarat.

Commercial Building

The MIIPL undertakes a wide range of building projects for Commercial Establishments on customize bases
On and above, the group takes supply order of qualitative building materials for Commercial projects as per prerequisite.

Petrol Pump & Office Building

Hotel & Club Buildings

The structuring and construction of Hotel & Club Building demand substantial experience, deep insight of innovative style, elegancy and exclusiveness in designs. The MIIPL has earned fair amount of experience over the years in providing unparalleled structures, revolutionary designs and stunning elevations for Hotel & Club.

Low Cost Buildings

The MIIPL is committed to offer low cost housing for the welfare of the middle class citizens and nomads, by investing its labor resources and technical proficiency. The group ensures and assures the quality, sustainability of the structure that is suitable to all environmental and climatic conditions.