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MIIPL is well established Construction Company, having smooth and effective HR policies and systems for employees. At MIIPL 'employee is the first customer' hence, people are regarded as the most valuable asset and power to the company.

MIIPL has belief that through training, encouragement and proper care, the potential and talent of team can be brought out and channelized toward optimum
Productivity. Therefore, We cater technical trainings, motivational programs and get together programs like birthday celebration, spots competition with prizes, movie shows, picnic arrangements etc.

MIIPL is committed to provide all kinds of support and co-operation for their professional growth, development and success with liberal HR policies. HR has to become a voice of employee and make the path of Employees smooth by being a catalytic agent with top authority and employees.


Quality Management System (ISO 9001 : 2008)

The very foundation of MIIPL is 'quality' construction hence we have been able to have ISO 9001certification and other certification like
JOVAL (OHSAS = ISO 18001:2007 and JOVAL (EMS = ISO 14001:2004)

Quality Policy
EHS Policy

To maintain quality uniformly, scientific profess control measures are implemented and monitored at all project sites as a consistent quality assurance program. To meet all these, a strong and dedicated team of project engineers and quality assurance engineers has been formed to deliver the matchless quality of materials and construction to customers and clients.


MIIPL has deep concern of safety and protection of its work force. We provide accident-free environment at the construction site and implement all safety measures for protection well in advance. We make workers aware of safety through training program before executing the task.

We have two categories of safety programs- the first is preventive program and the second is protective program.
1) Preventive Program:: We provide training to construction staff at the site before execution of each task. Strict instructions are given not to begin work without protection. In case of any unexpected accident, trained supervisory staff will provide first aid and other preventive measures.
2) Protective Program:: We provide enough safety accessories for protection to our construction staff, they are like follow…


1) Customer Satisfaction:: MIIPL religiously pursue Complete Customer Satisfaction.
2) Time bound in Completion of project:: MIIPL adheres to timeline to finish project in time.
3) Safety and Quality:: A well researched and implemented Safety and Quality systems
4) Effective Planning & Monitoring:: Top professionals' involvement in planning & monitoring
5) Well experience and strong Infrastructure:: MIIPL has earned wide range of experience and possess robust infrastructure to implement any project anywhere.
6) Value of Customer's vision:: MIIPL has skill and capabilities to turn customer's imagination in to reality. We provide more than what customer imagines through matchless designs, right amount of skills, proper planning.
7) Flexible Working Methods:: MIIPL accepts flexible working style in case of following